Counseling Services for Parents

Solution-oriented and collaborative counseling for parents helps support you at any phase of parenthood development. Counseling emphasizes and builds upon existing relationship assets to help facilitate desired parenting outcomes. Our focus shifts from identification of “problems” to creating realistic and immediate changes to the relationship you have with your child. Strategic solutions to complex problems tend to result in less sessions, saving you time and money.

Counseling Services for Kids and Young Adults

Kids and young adults benefit from having a safe and confidential space to communicate with a skilled and collaborative therapist they can trust. Sometimes kids need an adult, other than their parents, to get thoughts or feelings off their chests. As a parent of two teenagers, and having been a kid myself, I personally understand how difficult life can be at these important stages of life development.

Family Counseling Services for Parents, Kids and Families

Involving all members of your family in counseling helps focus on the dynamic relationships unique to your family. It is helpful to have a neutral person observe relational patterns within your family often serving as an important step towards recreating new relational patterns. You know the familiar are you with your family's strengths? How will you know when your family has reached its therapy goals?

Parenting Workshops for Schools

Recreating Parenthood provides training and workshops to PTA and school groups who are committed to making significant and sustainable changes to the lives of children. Honoring the uniqueness of each school system, our consultation helps develop a solution-oriented program that accurately addresses the challenges faced by your group.