Welcome to Recreating Parenthood

As a parent, you know first hand how overwhelming parenting challenges can be. Sometimes, these challenges can seem so overwhelming that the problems make it difficult to even imagine a different life with your kids. As difficult as it might be to believe, parenting problems are solvable when parents and kids shift their focus to identifying and developing preferred relationships, rather than dwelling on past issues or old patterns. This shift happens when parents, children and the therapist work together to answer questions like these: What in your family's life would be different after therapy? What changes in your relationship with your child would you notice first, that would tell you your goals had been reached?


Our work together will help facilitate sustainable relationship changes in your family. Goals are reachable through effective, creative and often effortless utilization of your family's existing strengths and assets. With a skilled family therapist, you can develop a new set of skills, and tweak the skills you already have. Therapy should be about change and working collaboratively, not pointing fingers of blame and finding fault.

I'm passionate about collaborating with kids, parents and families, and I love watching my clients find unique and creative solutions to the problems that bring them to my offices.  And, I am continually honored to work with and be trusted by past, existing and future clients. Whether you have been referred by a friend, or a past client, or if you are just browsing around to find a therapist that's a good fit, thank you for taking the time to visit Recreating Parenthood.